Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fences, rocks, snakes and some spring onions

A short update, as one is overdue but I'm too tired to do a proper update just now.

Among recent events, no doubt you've heard about our flooding up in Massachusetts; lucky me, I had some of it in my apt, although compared to many I got out alright: no evacuation, just a couple weeks of inconvenience while I stayed elsewhere during the repairs. Whew. Counts self lucky and moves along thankyouverymuch.

After weeks of rain, the sun abruptly came out this weekend and gave us 70 degree days (80 on Saturday where I was). I cranked through some much needed work in the garden. I put up the fence posts for some places that really needed it in the garden plot; enjoyed the birds (they were carrying on a wild spring symphony themselves); and was pleasantly surprised to find two cute little grass snakes in my overgrown garden. I guess they might have been hunting field mice? Not sure, will have to look it up later. At any rate, here is one of them: you'll have to look closely, but he's stripey, and his head is next to a green leaf - nature is pretty good at camouflage.

The daffodils are coming up, so i grabbed a couple to bring home and enjoy. Last but not least I found some very randomly sprung up scalions. Tiny, but I'm okay with that. The back aches now, and I'm ready to hit the shower. So here, unsightly but practical, is how part of the new fence looks. Notice I've made the fence part of a future coldframe. Yeah. That's why it looks soooo fabulous (sarcasm alert!!)
That's all the news for now. I still haven't re-hooked up the computer at home, but when I do I'll get back to my regular posting once more. Yay. Spring. Finally.

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