Monday, July 12, 2010

Mad dogs and Englishmen

And me. All out in the noonday sun. In my case, to do a little garden work, but I plead temporary insanity. Gardening at that hour on a 90+F day? Yeah. At least I had the sense to stick my head under the water spigot each time I filled the 5-gallon bucket for watering. Still, got a fair amount done, and glad to see a few tomatoes and peppers showing through. Also, looks as though I'll get a nicely staggered crop, so I hopefully won't get overwhelmed. Tied up and staked up sone of the mint, since it's blooming. I was going to trim it back, but there were so many bees having a field day on the little blossoms that I relented and just tied them back so they'd grow up instead of out.

Honestly it does still resemble a jungle but since the bees are happily pollinating and hopping from the tomato and pepper blossoms to the mint and back, how can I complain?

Other areas of the garden are looking better, or at least more orderly.

Peppers, tomatoes, purple cabbage, and a couple random volunteer potatoes from last year? Hmm. Well they are all blooming with health so...

That last photo doesn't seem to show how much I've tied that monstrosity back, but I have. Really.

Also, I am inordinately fond of borage's pink and blue flowers. I seem to choose an awful lot if plants that like to sprawl, so after this photo I gave it a bamboo stake to lean on.

Then, on the way home for a shower, I stopped in to browse at my local farm/store/greenhouse. I'd never seen inside their greenhouse, but it's small and cute - but also it has fish!! I will have to stop by another day to visit them. They're lovely fat healthy Koi.

So, more work to do in the garden, but enough for one day. In spite of heat&sun induced headaches, it was a good day off.

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