Sunday, April 10, 2011

Opening Day

Got a fair amount done this Saturday, ie, the official opening day for our community garden. The weather nicely obliged us, with sun, a light cool breeze, andno rain. I got a littlepink, just enough to cheer me up. Got a fair amount of cleanup done;

Obviously there's still a lot to do. But I've cleared several of the plots, and even planted peas,

And also a bed of mesclun greens. I moved things around a little, whileclearing things out. Many little rodents were evicted this day I can tell you. Fly, be free!! It's conservation land, there are plenty of other places to burrow!

Enjoyed watching the many birds racing around, and hearing their songs. Had to laugh though, while heading home I saw a couple of crows dive-bombing and harrying a much larger (and supremely unconcerned) red tail hawk. Eventually he sauntered off in some kind of avian resignation, as if to say "how tiresome. So rude!"

If the predicted rain holdsoff, I may head back to the garden just to get a few more seeds planted. We'll see.

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ParkerPondFarm said...

Garden prep is always my least favorite part of gardening, but on the other hand, it's SO rewarding to see the end result. I've just finished putting all of my seeds in and soon it'll be time to put in the warmer weather transplants. Community gardens rock! Enjoy the season!

Margo said...

Thank you! I'll have to bounce on over and check out your photos too - I haven't yet gotten around to listing what I'm planting this season, but as usual I'm trying a few new varieties as well as some of the usual suspects (tomatoes, cukes, lettuces, peas). I agree though, prep can be a real drag - but it does pay off in the end. Well, usually. ::crosses fingers::

whirlston zhai said...

Oil Production Line
:) Glad to be here, thanks for share.