Wednesday, June 4, 2008

camp dinner, friday night

Friday gave us decent weather, but we were moving around the island, and later setting up our campsite at the Blackwoods campground.

Dinner was low-key: garlic bread (fresh garlic); pasta and tomato sauce, and grilled asparagus and mushrooms (all cooked over the campfire, thank you very much!) Granted, I brought a tablecloth this time, which for a picnic table is probably silly, but it was nice to have a "clean" surface to eat from, and then hang up on the line afterwards. It's not as snazzy as it looks though: it's a polyester thing I found on clearance at LinensNThings, ha ha.


Anonymous said...

I love the tablecloth idea! I will have to add it to my gear. In this instance, a poly cloth one makes sense and is way better than a disposable plastic one (which I'm sorry to say I've used before).

Thanks for the lichen info, I'd heard about lichen as wound dressing, now I know why!

I hope you had a good visit in my lovely Maine.


Margo said...

Thanks Ali! Maine is lovely, and I've always been fond of Acadia. I think the Usnea lichen is actually Usnea filipendula - I was just too tired last night to think about it.
And yes, I think the poly works pretty well - hey, it tolerated the inevitable stains, hung up to dry well, and was easy to deal with.

ilex said...

Nice pics, Margo. Love the lady slippers. I love Maine, too.

Margo said...

Thanks! Glad you liked them! I still have a couple more pics I should throw up there; besides, haven't been in the garden yet and it's been raining, so... :P