Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Solutions for the Urban Gardener: Hothouse on Wheels

hothouse on wheels, originally uploaded by fOllyfOliO.

Now why didn't I think of this?

A local farm, the Codman Community Farm, owns (and presumably constructed) this rolling greenhouse. Now if I had one, not only could I safely park it in my apartment parking lot, but move it according to the sun as it moves around during the year!

Thanks to follyfolio for bringing this to my attention.



You are most welcome. But OMG, I hope it's really a hot-house not a mobile hen-house which can also be seen at Codman.(http://www.flickr.com/photos/follyfolio/2664126287/in/set-72157605560187463/)

Jennifer said...

I thought it was a mobile hen house when I saw it - they had another one out in the field that looked much larger.

Margo said...

Hi Jennifer,
You're right, with the birds taking shelter in the shade underneath, it would naturally make you think it was a rolling henhouse, at least at first. I think there is in fact a rolling henhouse image on follyfolio's flickrstream, next this image. If you look carefully at the roof, however, you'll see it's some kind of semi-transparent plastic material (you can see wooden supports underneath) so I can't imagine hens liking that. :) I tried looking around again for information on the Codman farm, but all I could find was their efforts to market the (albeit lovely) historic house where they lead tours, and the carriage house they rent out for functions. No dice. If anyone else has more images or information, please pop in and comment.