Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gone Hiking!

Well, hopefully the garden will survive another week of neglect and weed-jungledom, because I'm heading up to Maine to hike and pick blueberries and sit on the beach. Yes, there is *one* sand beach on an otherwise rocky island, not that I object to rocks, klinker, or 50F degree Atlantic water. It didn't stop me as a kid, and it won't keep me from swimming now!

Thanks once more to the Duchess of 78A for agreeing to water my forlorn tomato plants. Goodness knows the potatoes seem to be thriving in spite of my neglect, as are the raspberries!

See you all in a week, barring a rainy day that allows me to post from the island's library...but I admit that's not terribly likely. :)


Anonymous said...

Your hike sounds great! Hope you enjoyed yourself!

Margo said...

Thanks! Sadly, there wasn't much hiking, as we had significant amounts of rain and lightning while we were up there. Instead, we settled ourselves at picnic tables on the rocky shoreline, cooked food over a fire and drank wine, read books, knitted, and generally kicked back. Not so bad a substitute for a hike!
I trust things are well enough with you over there? I haven't checked your site lately...more snake beans on the loose? :)