Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What I do when I can't get to the garden...

cable knits..., originally uploaded by Margo and George.

It's true, I knit.

Since we've had so much rain over the past month, and because my community garden plot is over a mile away (I do not have the luxury of gardening chez moi), I've been having a long-term lesson in what can happen when every window of opportunity one has to get to the garden (post-work on weekdays, around other commitments on weekends) - well, I kept getting thunder and lightning and rained out. At least the plants got plenty of watering...

At least with the knitting, by the time I'm done I'll have something nifty to wear. Plus, I'm discovering that they're coming out with some really great soy/cotton, linen/cotton, bamboo/cotton blends that work well and wear well. And my wool sweater will be done (finally) in time for autumn. I'm learning more as well about the different types of wool that are being developed - think of it as the homespun / hand-dyed analog to gardening's heirloom varieties. Some of the hybrids of sheep, of goats, and even of the camel family, are being slowly developed down in Australia and New Zealand. Hmm... a friend of mine kindly offered to hunt down some samples...Hooray! Happy yarn dance!

For now, however, it's too hot to have a big hunk of wool in my lap. I'll stick to linen & cotton mixes until it cools off.

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