Friday, June 12, 2009

a nestful of cute

a nestful, originally uploaded by Margo and George.

Last weekend I got a wonderful surprise outside my window - literally a few feet outside my window, hidden in the upper branches of a large rhododendron shrub: a nestful of baby robins was fledging, and were being encouraged out of the nest by the parent robins. Terribly cute, and funny - one by one they leaped out to land on a too-thin branch, wobbled and fluttered, and plopped to the ground before fluttering their way upward into a more stable branch, to catch their breath I suppose.


Kim and Victoria said...

Oh my gosh. How cute.

ilex said...

And after that flash, they're probably thinking the home-nest rhododendron is prone to lightening strikes. Time to go, kids!

Baby robins are just so freaking cute. Love the way they hold their noses up. They're like cartoons of baby birds.

Margo said...

Lightning, no, I think that at least due to our schizy light fixtures on the roof of our building they're used to strange on-again-off-again light arrangements. Sturdy little birds, those ones, and oh so cute. Glad you all enjoyed the cuteness.