Sunday, July 5, 2009

snoot prints!

snoot prints!, originally uploaded by Margo and George.

Tuesday morning I came out to check on the containers outside my window, only to find everything tipped over, dug through, and generally in disarray. Some nocturnal visitors tipped over all my container plants, deciding apparently that the dirt smelled like it might have something good to eat hidden/buried therein. Nope! Just seeds! But the visitor vandals left their funny little noseprints in the mud for me to find in the morning. Critters! I'm pretty sure it's the family of skunks, though; mumma and two babies, that have a den about ten feet away under a hosta plant by the channelized brook. I was able to put things in some order after work, so the damage was more superficial than I'd expected, given how it appeared at first. All is well.

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Kim and Victoria said...

We haven't seen any raccoons this year, I'm surprised. But pleasantly so.