Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winter distractions


Sometimes I stop into the la-dee -dah store that has an attached greenhouse so that while I'm picking up a jar of spaghetti sauce, I can get a dose of tropical foliage. It's actually not very busy in winter, but it's nice to be able to wander in and enjoy the hanging plants and flowers, even though it's 8:30pm on a bitter cold Tuesday.

Along my morning commute I get treated to a strange vision each morning. I have to say that this nativity scene has been bothering me all season. It's the three kings, particularly that one on the right; the posture, the expression, the look on the face all contribute to the impression that that he's just tripped over something behind him. Or caught some bubblegum on his shoe, I don't know.

Finally, some more of my seedlings have come up. The colder and more grey it gets, the more I look forward to seeing the little green shoots.


carrots, if you can believe it- even if at this stage they look more like oat grass...

And of course beans :)

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