Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thinking healing thoughts

Simply stunned and reeling that my friend Katie (GardenPunk blogger, flickr photographer, avid Twitter user, and all-around healthy soul and cheerful person) could ever be so abruptly and unfairly felled and hospital-ridden by what has turned out to be bacterial meningitis.

Judging by the hundreds of signatures and lengthy thoughts left on her site created by her sister, I know that I'm among many many people who were touched by her generous friendship over the years.

Katie, by now I know you've been read all our messages, and we are all sleepless and thinking all kinds of healing thoughts your way. I know you're getting good care in the hospital. Get well soon. We (and it's such a very numerous 'we') all miss you !!!

I know most of you reading this alreaady know Katie through her writings on the blog and so on, but for the few who don't, suffice to say that a great number of us on the world feel that Katie is Good People, and we care about her and our thoughts are with her family.

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