Sunday, May 11, 2008

And on the eve of Bay State Bike Week,

...with the price of gas not quite $4/gallon, please take a peek at this recent article by the folks over at EcoGeek: 6 Stupidly Simple Steps to Saving Billions of Gallons of Gas
all the more reason to hit the road on a bike. Speaking of which, if you're in the Boston area (or curious about why we're so nuts about our roads) you may want to check out Bicycle Driving.


Daphne said...

A long while ago, Science Friday had a guest on that had done a calculation. Biking is actually less carbon cost effective than taking your car to work. Our food comes from 2000 miles away on average (about I don't remember the exact number they used at the time). And the calories you would have to eat to make up for your bike ride end up using more gas than your car ride. Now I don't buy into that, because the people biking to work are probably the ones that would otherwise be exercising for their health, and still eat those calories. People would be an awful lot healthier if they did bike to work. But it is a good reason to grow some of your own food and eat locally produced food as much a possible.

Margo said...

Hi Daphne, thanks for your comment.

I'm not sure whether Science Friday is a tv program or a radio show but, I suppose if people were sourcing their calories in conventional foods (i.e., the ones that travel thousands of miles to our supermarkets), then it follows that increased caloric consumption might offset what you give up with your car, but to what degree really depends on many variables: the car you drive and it's gas mileage, how you drive (which affects gas mileage and exhaust emissions), as well as your individual health and metabolism.
For me, I'm actually monitoring not only what I eat, but how much (caloric intake) as well as my cardio (for various health reasons).

That said, part of what I've been doing on the blog is just talking about my personal experience - which includes my garden, the fact that I buy most of my produce at local sources (co-op, farms, etc.) and sharing what ever info might be useful to others trying to do the same. As I said - with fuel prices rising as they are, the prices of that well-traveled food can only go up. Glad I already buy local but...
Anyway, food for thought.