Saturday, May 3, 2008

Herb/rock garden, so far

Herb/rock garden, so far, originally uploaded by Margo and George.

So this was the trouble I got up to today. After breakfast with another gardening pal, we enabled each other at one of the local gardening stores. ("Hm, I thought it'd be nice to stop at the nursery today. Are you up for that?" "Oh please. Twist my arm." "Cool!") They had lots of spring perennials and herbs out, so in we went, or rather out, as most of their goods are outside in the rain.

I brought home two tri-color sages, a pineapple mint, an orange mint, an (ornamental, 'Dyers') chamomile, a dill ('fernleaf'), a thyme ('pink chintz'), rosemary ('pink flowering'), and an oriental poppy (Papaver orientale 'turkenlouis'). I'm saving room for some promised gift-strawberries, spearmint and I don't know what else. (Thanks mum! ) I was also warned by my mother on the phone that that poppy wants to be planted where I intend to keep it, as they don't take well to transplanting. Hm, good thing I already want to keep it at the back, stopping the tide of invading raspberry canes...

I also bought a set of red onions (*sigh* - 110 days to harvest? ) and a couple garlic shoots. While I was planting those (onino and garlic) in a separate bed, I found a number of leftover/orphaned potatoes from the gardener of several years ago (the plot had remained unworked for a couple years, apparently). They were sprouting, so I organized a row for them and made the onions, garlic and potatoes all neighbors. I have a faint feeling that I'm breaking some kind of companion planting rule there, but... well the potatoes were free, so if they fail, I won't cry about it. It's an experiment.


Nancy J. Bond said...

You've chosen some interesting plants for your garden -- it's looking great. Nice job!

ilex said...

*jealous sigh*- Someday, I'll grow onions, garlic, and potatoes, too. I just can't spare the container-space for something so easily bought and already grown locally.

Oh, and cabbages! How I love me some cabbages. Potatoes love cabbage, too. I seem to remember the only plant that really shouldn't be near potatoes is cucumbers. And aliums are good if interspersed everywhere.

Green Bean said...

Now that is the kind of shopping I like!

Anonymous said...

Your plot is looking good! I laughed at finding the potato, I found one, too. I'm sure you know how mints spread, right? I am facing the unenvialbe task of trying to eradicate some delicious apple mint from one of my raised beds. It makes great mojitos, though!

Hope the weekend proves gardening friendly.

Ali in Maine

kathy said...

I just planted a bunch of onions in my plot this week too. I planted sets and I have some seeds sprouting in pots at home. Your garden looks great!

Margo said...

Hi Nancy, thank you! I've been slowly adding more bits to the garden so hopefully I'll be able to post an updated photo soon.

Ilex - it's funny, the only thing I"m not growing is cabbages and broccoli. I am attempting all sorts of other things, though. And teh potatoes are just a lark, but I thought "well, they're already there..." so we'll see. Cross yer fingers for me! :)

Greenbean - ha! I knew you'd understand. Yeah, we codepend together she and I, it's so funny. I don't usually like shopping, but for some reason, get me in a nursery...

Ali - I know you'll understand how ironic I found it that I was actually *planting* mint-family plants rather than pulling them out! But I'm looking forward to some pineapple mint mojitos in the garden come august. *heh*

Kathy, I've been peeking over the fence at your plot too, and it's looking good! for the record, you are a very orderly gardener, I'm in awe. I just can't do it - I'm all over the proverbial map over here. I made all these sketches and plans and then...did other things instead. ha ha ha! Onions are great. I tried the 'red' kind - I just hope they are actually milder.
my best to Skippy too!