Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mr. Toad visits the Community Garden

EEEEEEP! I love frogs and toads, and I've missed seeing the tiny ones in particular. So today, as my mother was visiting the garden and I was digging up some of the many stray raspberry (or blackberry?) canes for her to take home, suddenly she says "Oh No! Be careful! A little hop toad! Right there!"
This is the part where I turn into an instant five-year-old, I love toads, and I was so excited.
So, naturally, this little update superseded any other updates I ought to be posting to this blog! but I can't help it.

Here is Mr. Toad in his natural element - and in scale. I managed to get a couple close-up shots of him (see next 'post'). Tiny little guy, I was afraid as I was cleaning up for the day I'd step on him, and he's a good little guy to have in your garden - some people say they're good luck, but they're just plain good: they eat bugs and beetles!!! So he's welcome in my garden patch any time.

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