Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mr. Toad: Quick Update

In haste, after a tiring but good weekend in the garden. Mr. Toad actually stayed on, and I found him once again while I was rearranging the garden mini-greenhouse made of storm windows. Apparently he likes my little makeshift stone walls that I've been building for the purpose of thermal mass. I made some extra stone walls, and hopefully he'll stay on and live in my garden! I was also told that you can encourage a toad to take up habitation by taking a cracked old clay pot that you've got (i.e., the crack should serve as a little doorway for him) and turn it upside down and leave it in a corner of your garden. I can always try. We'll see which he prefers: the stone walls or the clay pot!

Update: my co-workers and I have decided that if he stays, his name shall be Theo. :)


Anonymous said...

We just set up the bowl of a broken concrete planter near the veg garden birdbath for a toad. I hope one finds it and moves in. Lucky you to we hosting one!


Margo said...

Thank you Ali! Yes, I feel very lucky. I was so afraid of losing sight of him and accidentally stepping on him. I hope he's still there when I stop by this week.

ilex said...

Ohh, Margo, how fabulous that you have a toad. He's a handsome fellow, too.

Green Bean said...

Ahh, I had a toad take up residence in my cover crop over the fall/winter. When we cut it down in the early spring, he was gone. :( I was just thinking about him today and how to lure him back on a permanent basis. Enjoy yours!