Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bed #1 seedlings

Bed #1 seedlings, originally uploaded by Margo and George.

Yes, those are my gardening gloves - one pair at least - hung up to air out and rinse the dirt off. I'm so excited the seedlings are coming right up! From left: peas (two rows of sugar snap), then arugula, spinach, lettuce, radish (french breakfast variety), and mesclun greens. I thinned the radish row a little and got some yummy greens from it for dinner, I was so excited! Now I'm hoping that by Monday or so I'll have fresh salad greens.


ilex said...

The green babies are lovely. Congratulations!

Margo said...

Thank you Ilex! Hee hee. I am enjoying tiny baby french radishes already. And to think I used to hate radishes when I was a kid. Geez! I was missing out!