Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hoe, Rake, and Fork

Hoe, Rake, and Fork, originally uploaded by Margo and George.

This is my 'formal' entry photo for the May Dreams Gardens May Hoedown - my hoe and her escorts, the Fork and the Rake, were behaving themselves. For the moment...but as with all hoedowns, things tend to get a little the worse for wear as time passes...


Carol said...

Just goes to show, those rakes aren't quite as well-behaved as the hoes.

Thanks for joining in with the fun of the Hoe Down!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Margo said...

Carol, thanks for throwing the Hoedown. (Oh dear - a hoedown throwdown? can it be?) It's a hilarious idea and a great online party! I'm still laughing about your hoes swinging from the trees!