Thursday, May 22, 2008

one little, two little, three little goslings...

Not that this has anything to do with gardening...well, no: I was walking in Boston's Fenway Community Gardens - and saw these guys with their veritable herd (not just a gaggle, a herd, okay?) of other goslings being minded by two obvious babysitters (since they couldn't *all* be from one set of parents).

These guys were wandering around, eating and making little funny wheezy whistly noises, and then abruptly all started crossing the dirt road. Then these three fools decided abruptly to sit down and groom. Clearly they weren't afraid of being shooed away or anything. They were cute, and I had to throw the photos up online.


ilex said...

Wow, how incredibly cute that they just plop right down in the pathway like they own it.

It is definately gosling season. Yesterday near some open lawn and a pond I saw a mom and pop Canada goose and probably about 20 babies with them- about the same age as these little guys. I love this time of year.

Cynthia said...

While commuting on the 47 bus this morning, I also saw a group of goslings and they were crossing the road with fearless ambition. Their two babysitters were urging them to keep crossing without taking any breaks. It was a funny sight and everyone on the bus was giggling. Pleasant way to start a Friday morning :)