Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fog and mist

I lurched out of bed this morning late, scurrying to the post office. I'd finally found the right size box to send a particularly-sought-after package to a friend in New Zealand. All the others were too small or too large (thus increasing the cost of an otherwise very inexpensive item).

Off to the not-so-convenient post office location (my local is closed on Saturdays); mission accomplished, I wandered around taking some photos of the old wrought-iron fencing around someone's yard, spring buds emerging on trees, and lichens.

Yes, I said lichens. I'm a fan of lichens, they're fascinating symbiotic life forms (photobiont partner plus fungal partner = lichen, one partner takes care of photosynthesis, the other respiration). Some are really beautiful. They also can serve as air quality indicators, because different species are more or less pollution-tolerant, since all lichens are bioaccumulators (as they have no means to excrete the unwanted pollutants).

At any rate, had fun discovering little green things peeking out from under leaf cover, and wandered back home once more.

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