Sunday, April 27, 2008

planting seeds...bed #2

planting seeds...bed #2, originally uploaded by Margo and George.

So, I planted two beds of seeds today. Mr. Grumpy Pants deigned to join me for the first half hour, then excused himself to go into seclusion for the remainder of the afternoon. *chuckle* My friends are a real cast of characters, and he is no exception. At least he was sympathetic to my need for lettuces, and was willing to hike out to the garden plot with me after our walk and lunch earlier in the day, so I shouldn't tease too much.

This image is of the second, smaller plot that I planted. I managed to be moderately neat and orderly about each plot, planting rows and/or 'drills' (finger-holes in the dirt). Here's the score for the small bed:
borage (far left & far right most rows)
bok choi (白菜) second and 6th rows
beets ("early wonder") third and 5th rows
sage, middle (4th ) row
now, hopefully they'll do nicely after having been watered in. I have them covered with yet another scavenged storm window that someone nicely threw away, and hopefully that will protect them against the predicted hard rain (no need to pelt the poor little things right our of their beds now that I've finally got them in the ground!)
crossing fingers...

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