Saturday, April 26, 2008

the tools of the job

the tools of the job, originally uploaded by Margo and George.

...and how could I forget - the tools of the trade. Actually I have a few new things and a few inherited items - complete with a little family history behind them. The storm window on the left was completely new to me; someone along my morning commute was throwing it out. Likewise with all the lumber just behind it.
the gardening fork belonged to my grandfather on my dad's side, and my parents used it in our family garden after that. The screen in front is for sifting soil - makes it a little easier to break up some of the clumps, strain out the little clumps of rootlets, and sticks, and rocks... very handy, and made decades ago (along with a larger, two-person model) by my dad. The orange-handled shovel is great, and I *just* bought it this spring from Fiskars at the masshort spring flower show. Apparently, vendors often do a half-off sale on the last day of a big show like that, so I got it at bargain rate. Woo-hoo! It works well (sturdy, and has slightly bent over plates at the top where you're meant to stand and drive the blade into the ground).

These aren't my only tools, but they're the ones most in-use the past couple weeks as I dig the beds. I'm hoping to plant my lettuces and peas tomorrow.
hope. :)


Shivers said...

mmmmh...raspberries...just gotta love them. Although they have an immensly painful exterior and thus hesitating the ultimate decision to test your hand-eye coordination and risk the almost inevitable damnation of the horrifying, and soul shaking finger prick!, the small almost point less prizes show there apreciation for the harsh, vigorous pilgrimage of your appendage in the end by giving you an exquisite taste of a rainbow and all its beautiful, bountiful colors swirled into a pot of gold on either side. in a nut shell; I'm a fan of raspberries but I don't like to get them.

alec said...

your resourcefulness is not only ingenious but bemusing. my garden blog shares an appellation that is very similar. it was amusing to come across your blog, and yet also it gave me trepidation, as i thought to ym self, great here is someone to believe that i am copying, take a look at my blog,
your blog is wonderful.

Margo said...

Hi Alec, nice to meet you! I've seen your blog and I feel like we're "neighbors" since our urls are so similar. :) Drop by anytime! Your garden efforts seem to be way ahead of mine, kudos to you!

Shivers - sorry to hear those raspberry thorns bother you so much, but you could always talk your brother into fetching them for you...if you talk fast enough, you could even get him to think *he* conned *you* out of the raspberries... and you could easily plant a couple blueberry bushes over by the flag pole too while you're at it...just a suggestion. Don't forget the pine bark mulch!