Sunday, April 27, 2008

planting seeds...bed #1

planting seeds...bed #1, originally uploaded by Margo and George.

And here is the first bed I measured out and planted. Here's the (hopeful) score:
left to right:
two rows of peas in "drills"
a row of arugula (last year's seeds - an experiment to see how much germinates)
a row of spinach; if the arugula fails, it'll become a second, successive row of spinach
a row of simpson green leaf lettuce
a row of french radishes (red and white, a little more carrot-shaped, and supposedly a little milder / sweeter)
a row of "mixed salad greens" i.e. mesclun mix, the baby salad greens I love from the market.

I'm ever hopeful - and covering it with a storm window after I gently watered the seeds in. We'll see what comes up.

That's the news from Plot 78b! See you next time!


ilex said...

Spinach is a bear. I'm beginning to think that all spinach seeds have been GM-ed to grow only in California. I still try spinach every year, but Fordhook chard is the one reliable green for me. Besides, it takes (+/-) 364 spinach leafs to make up one big, honking chard leaf.

Margo said...

Wow, that's really weird that it won't grow for you - spinach *likes* cold! and I would dare to think that you get cold weather where you are...but uh, that's just me. I'm sorry it won't grow for you. I swear it grows for people in New England, not just california though... I swear!

Geraldine said...

I read your comment over at EFG thought I'd stop in. How cool that you and my blog bud Caroline both got your community plots started at about the same time. Loved your avatar photo too. Good luck with the growing. G

Margo said...

Hi Geraldine, thanks for stopping by! Yes, we've had lots of rain, rather suddenly, so it looks like I'll need some luck if my seeds won't wash away, ha! :)

ilex said...

Dee-troit is either freezing cold or stinking hot- spinach does ok for a while, then it croaks from the heat and humidity.

But- this fall I'm building a little cold frame to see if I can keep some spinach, chard, lettuce and kale going all winter. It may not work, though- It's really gray here in the wintertime.

Margo said...

I'll be cold-framing in the fall too - I'd love to compare notes, if that's okay?

ilex said...

Oh yes, absolutely. It'll be interesting, the difference between your cold-framing on the ground and my cold-framing on a porch. Do you know yet what kind of coldframe you're building/ using?

Margo said...

Hmmm, good question. I'm definitely going to be using the storm windows you see in the picutre; but I think I'll invest in some lumber that I can saw, drill, and neatly assemble so that there is more, er, structural integrity. And thermal retention, as well, always a key thing. :) a work in progress. Will post my plans, I guess, in a later post?