Saturday, April 26, 2008

some progress

some progress, originally uploaded by Margo and George.

Finally, the newest, and smaller cold frame, as well as the diggings for yet another bed. I think the open (unprotected) bed will house a succession of herbs that aren't likely to seem so tasty to the resident chipmunks and woodchuck. And as for Mr. Woodchuck, we of Plot 78a and b (as it is officially designated) were making threatening references to the Caddyshack gopher today while installing fencing... Happily, I share an unusual plot with someone else: technically it's two plots, lacking a dividing fence. Since it was about 25 x 50, with a couple whopping big boulders at one end, we two met on opening day and decided ultimately to share the plot. So, I'm in 78b, and she in 78a, and I have to say it's made clearing out the plot, reinforcing the fence and the other chores of setting up our respective garden spaces, far less onerous since we can compare notes and joke about all the sunburn and scratches from brambles. She's already gotten her raised beds set up down at her end, and they look great. I am still bumbling along with smaller beds, but that's what I feel like will work for me. Happily, this has turned out to be a mutually respectful working/gardening relationship, and I'm pleased as punch the way things have turned out. We're swapping radish seeds later on as well, since she has conventional radishes that I lack,and I have the "french" variety she'd like to try.
...more later!

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